Papua Agarwood

Papua Agarwood also called Arian Papua is extracted from the state of New Guinea in southeastern Indonesia, a city famous in tropical jungles.

pupa agarwood 2

How to differentiate Papua Agarwood?

Pupa agarwood has a soft-woody and splendid scent. Most of its chips are wild, and rarely to find cultivated chips in the market. At present, there are three agarwood-producing species known from New Guinea including Aquilaria  filaria, Gyrinops  versteegii  andG. Ledermannii.

Pupa agarwood

Why is it so difficult to get a Papua Agarwood?

Papua Agarwood is rapidly declined due to the excess harvest of the wild trees. The high demands and the decreasing supplies playing important roles in pushing the rate up.

Another side affect is the luck of experience in Papua, farmers has no knowledge to plant trees to maintain sustainable harvest and trade. Recently, the government of Indonesia take some steps forward to educate and train the local farmers about the importance of agarwood resources

Why is it so difficult to get a Papua Agarwood?