The indian muri agarwood is an oldest pure natural type of agarwood that brings you back to the ancient past. It is extracted from the heights of forests in northeastern India. indian muri agarwood comes in the form of small chips close to the circular shape.

How to Identify Muri Agarwood

The Indian muri agarwood has a color that is close to gray which like super grade ins some means, the aroma of muri agarwood like that found in Burmese.


Usage of Agarwood

The Indian Muri agarwood is suitable for personal use on occasion and in the fumigation of offices and houses. This agarwood has a pleasant fruity-woody aroma; it is consumed too much in UAE and Qatar.


Usage of Agarwood

Types of Muri Agarwood

There are several types of Muri agarwood. The classification is based on the grade available on the market. Muri super is the most famous grade and available in original and non-original stocks.

Types of Muri Agarwood


Agarwood cheating phenomenon in India

It is rare to find a pure indian oud with a purity of 100%, due to the spread of cheating and playing with the purity of the Indian oud, which done through:

1- By welding the pieces with glue and filling them from the inside with soil.

2- filling the agarwood with cement.

3- Add a waxy layer to it.

4- Dyeing the oud with colors extracted from natural materials to make the oud appear darker like indian agarwood.