Philippines agarwood

In the past, the Philippines was not famous for producing agarwood, and there were no real activities in the harvesting of agarwood. Recently, agarwood has been found in some Islands in the Philippines, including Peewee island located in the Philippines’ western part. In the beginning, the production was minimal because the demands were low, so the price remained low. As soon as it gets popular with most consumers, the price increased gradually to a significant figure.

Philippines Agarwood 5

How to differentiate Philippines agarwood

The Philippines agarwood comes in solid-brown chips. It has a heavyweight and pleasing aroma. Philippines Agarwood comes with two grades, super and double supper.  Super agarwood is widely available in the market at affordable prices to most customers, while double super is expensive and available in fewer quantities.

How to differentiate Philippines agarwood

Filipino Agarwood incense

It is a mixture of unique aromas that combined the Cambodian and the Ceylon scent, combining the fragrance of the past and the present with this magical fragrant scent.


How long it last on clothes?

The Philippines agarwood aroma lasts for hours in living areas while last for days on cotton clothes or personal wardrobes.

How long it last on clothes

Usage of Philippines agarwood?

  • used as incense in rooms, pray places and some occasions
  • used in perfumery
  • used in some medical’s applications