Kalimantan Agarwood

Kalimantan Agarwood was named to Kalimantan forests, which is located in eastern Indonesia. Its agarwood is popular and gains a good reputation amongst the consumers. 

Kalimantan Agarwood 4

The Kalimantan agarwood has different colors. Some are brown, and some are dark brown which is the best quality.  

The Kalimantan agarwood

Types of Kalimantan Agarwood?

The Kalimantan agarwood is classified based on the grade of quality. Below are some of the grades available on the market.  

1- Kalimantan Super agarwood

2- Kalimantan Royal agarwood

3- Kalimantan Double super agarwood

Types of Kalimantan Agarwood


Kalimantan Agarwood Characteristics

Kalimantan agarwood is characterized by its strong and beautiful aroma and excellent stability for a long time. And is one of the most popular and desirable types of Indonesian agarwood. And what makes Kalimantan oud desirable it’s reasonable prices which make it available to all classes of society. Kalimantan agarwood is usually used in homes, occasions, mosques, and weddings.


Kalimantan Oud Prices

The prices of Kalimantan oud vary, so many types are available of medium quality at reasonable prices. Kalimantan agarwood is very popular in the Arab Gulf countries. There are also types available at very high prices of excellent quality such as the royal Kalimantan incense, Kalimantan incense Double Super and skin Kalimantan . The finest types of oud and incense, and the most expensive.