Srilankan Agarwood

The Ceylon Agarwood is also called Srilankan agarwood, it is the most natural agarwood in the market extracted from the forests of Srilanka, the most Srilanka agarwood are harvested from the forest of Bentota, Nuraeliya and Colombo.

Srilankan Agarwood 3

Srilankan Agarwood types

The Srilankan agarwood has a good quality and comes with different grades and types as per below


Characteristic of Srilankan Agarwood?

Sri Lankan Agarwood has sarong aroma that last for days, while its color is black and brown. the wood chips have high amount of resins making it the most sought after by consumers. Srilnakan agarwood demand is very high and mostly consumed directly from the forest to the dealers or to the customers.

Characteristic of Srilankan Agarwood

Ceylon Agarwood incense prices

Ceylon agarwood’s price is high compared with others because it has a premium quality and comes from the wild forest rather than a cultivated forest.  Besides this, the increased demands pushed the price up.

Ceylon incense prices