Jayapura agarwood

Jayapura agarwood is derived from a city named Jayapura located in Papua state in Indonesia.

It has quite good popularity in Gulf countries, especially in Saudi Arabia. The agarwood chips have a light brown color and come in different size between small and medium.

The Jayapura is of the finest agarwood and has a smoothly light aroma that lasts for a long time. 


Jayapura Agarwood incense 

Oud incense is used in Jayapura for guests, offices, wedding halls, and mosques, and the user of this type feels a sense of spirituality, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan, which has gained fame and popularity among users in all Gulf countries.


Types of Jayapura Agarwood

The grades of Jayapura agarwood are almost identical; in the market, there are three grades, including double super agarwood, triple super agarwood. The old wild agarwood of this type is of the top quality and very hard to obtain it.


its prices

The price of Jaypaura agarwood is not high, and it is affordable to most consumers. The only grade that is expensive is the old wild grade.