Sumatran Agarwood

The Name of Sumatran Agarwood belongs to the coastal region of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is one of the best natural Indonesian agarwood that harvested from the deep jungle of Sumatra.

How to identify Sumatran Agarwood

The Sumatran agarwood has a soft woody scent, the agarwood chips are dark to brown and often comes in long shape. Sumatran agarwood are pure and natural chips that has very good quality, normally comes with 4 grades in the market

  • Normal grade
  • Super grade
  • Double super grade
  • Blue sinking grade

How to identify Sumatran Agarwood

Price of Sumatran Agarwood?

Sumatran Agarwood price vary from cheap to very expensive, the least grade is the cheaper and most available in the market, it is affordable to most of the consumers. While, the blue sinking grade is the most expensive, and almost impossible to get in the market.

Price of Sumatran Agarwood