Blue agarwood

Blue agarwood’s name is derived from the color of agarwood smoke. The smoke has a dark-blue color when burned as incense, while the color of the agarwood chips is dark-brown or black.

Blue agarwood is classified as one of the top agarwood incenses. It has different grades, including double super and triple super. It comes with heavily dark chunks that only affordable to wealthy, royal families and businesspeople.  The Chinese Buddhists are using blue agarwood as fumigation to their temples and during their prayers time.

Blue Agarwood Types

There is no specific condition to classified blue agarwood, but the most commonly types in the market are as per below:

  • Blue agarwood triple super sinking grade.

As the name implied, triple super grade is of the most luxurious type of agarwood in the market, the chips are rich of resinous wood, sink to the bottom of water as a sign of quality. The cost of small chip of it can go to thousands of dollars. The aroma of triple supper is un-believable, it remains for days.

  • Blue agarwood triple super (non-sinking)

There are different vendors of this grade but the best out of them are the Malaysian type. In malaysia there are some states that have the best agarwood trees, specially in Terengganu, Sarawak and Sabah states.  The cost of blue triple super non sinking grade is slightly less than the sinking grade, but almost has the same quality.

Blue agarwood harvesting?

Blue agarwood is only extracted from old wild agarwood trees, it can’t be found in the cultivated or young agarwood trees. It is mostly available in the dense tropical jungles. Farmers are smuggling to the forest for a challenge and deep journey that can take weeks or days for the hope of finding a dead or sick agarwood tree. The chunks of agarwood are dark, and the darker the color is, the best the quality.