The Malaysian Agarwood oil

The Malaysian Agarwood oil is distinguished by its distinctive aroma and scent known to its admirers, and it is produced in specialized factories in the areas of Malakah, Sabah and Penang.

Indian Agarwood oil

Exporting Malaysian Agarwood

Due to the high quality of Malaysian Agarwood oil, it has become desirable for many customers around the world, therefore it is exported to China, Taiwan, and some European countries, and it is exported in large quantities to the Arab Gulf countries.

Exporting Malaysian Agarwood


Usage Of Malaysian Agarwood

Malaysian Agarwood oil is used in the manufacture of some medicines and is used as a laxative during massage sessions, additionally it used as a fragrance.


Types of Malaysian Agarwood?

There are several types of malaysian oud oil, including pure, medium and ordinary. it is usually identified by its pleasant smell and its stability for a longer period. There are some other types of Malaysian Agarwood oil which are light color and a smooth aroma, these types are usually used for natural massage sessions.


What kind of Malaysian Agarwood oil is used for perfuming?

Pure malaysian oud oil is used only for fragrance, while the rest are used for other purposes.

Often the Malaysian Agarwood – pure – used for fragrance is diluted or mixed with other materials to give different smells, and one of the reasons for this is to reduce the cost for a better income return.